Thursday, December 8, 2011

Handmade Christmas Decorations - part one

It's no secret that I love handmade and Christmas is no exception, so between now and Christmas Day I thought I'd include some posts sharing some cute, fun decorative ideas for a handmade Christmas.

The idea for today's post is Patchwork Christmas Tree Bauble. These are a super cute idea that I found on the Seeds and Stitches blog over here.

These cute handmade baubles are super simple to make, and great if you're like me and you have loads of small pieces of leftover fabric lying around!

These are not quite done, but I had to finish them off quickly after I added to much water to my glue and they took nearly 24 hours to dry (even sat beside the aga!). At the moment they just have some curling ribbon around them, but I plan to finish these with a quick-dry varnish and find some fabric ribbon to replace the curling ribbon. I'm also going to paint a glue design on some and add filigree jewellery findings at the top and bottom for a tidy finish.

I'm pretty happy on the whole with how they have turned out and I was thrilled to find a good way to use up my small scraps of fabric!

Have a lovely day!

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Laura said...

Theyre so cute melissa!! i love them, they wil look so adorable on your tree! I hear on the news that its getting very cold over in the UK right now... maybe you will have a white christmas!!
Laura xx