Thursday, February 17, 2011

London Fashion Week & Introducing Lucille!

I'm running around trying to cram everything I need into a suitcase, I've just put the finishing touches on my dress - and first thing tomorrow I'm off to London for the opening day of Fashion Week!

(Did I mention I'm a little excited?)

I was contacted about a month ago and asked if I would attend the shows I'm going to for my Australian fashion blog blog.

The shows I'm attending are by Australian fashion designers presenting their work at London Fashion Week - and well - how could I say no?

Of course, as I mentioned several weeks back - going to fashion shows means you have to have a dress to wear - and after looking at about a zillion options - I decided in the end to make one and buy one. That way I had more than one outfit and the opportunity to go wearing something of my own creating.

I wasn't too adventurous because I was super pressed for time (basically, I threw some fabric at the dummy and tried to work some magic) - but I'm quite happy with the final result...

So introducing my super duper model, sadly meeting you all for the first time in what I admit are a not my best photos ever - nonetheless, styled up and ready to go - here is Lucille wearing a creation from Lulliloo!

Lulliloo_English Fashion Dress
(She's not well pleased to be stuck in the corner of this messy room and photographed at a less than flattering angle - but she is very patient!)

I really should have taken the snaps during the day, because this photo doesn't really do the dress justice, but I think you get the idea.

I probably won't have time to blog while I'm away - but I will definitely have an update and details of my first English Fashion shows when I get back!

Have a lovely weekend! M x

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Blog With Substance Awards

I was really thrilled to receive this 'Blog with Substance' award earlier this week from Redlilocks at Swoon Worthy - if you haven't visited this blog - then you don't want to miss out!
This is a blog about a home renovation in progress and you'll find loads of yummy home decor ideas!

A Blog With Substance

After getting this, it made me reflect on what defines a blog with substance to me. For me it is a blog that combines personal insight, great images, creativity and a healthy dose of personality!

I have chosen the following blogs because I think these have all those things - I've been reading these blogs since I started blogging and each of these is right up the top of the list for blogs that I still read over and over again...

So without further ado - I would like to give the 'Blog with Substance' award to the following lovely ladies

Emma from Emma Burgess
Laura from My summerhouse
Laura from Happy Home Maker UK
Laura from A Place For Tea
Signe from Signe Pling
Maureen from Day Dream Living

I hope you'll enjoy each of these blogs and I'm sure you'll find loads of inspriration from the country style home decor, to fashion, lovely photos and beautiful home decor ideas that feature prominently - plus a healthy dose of the writer's personality at each of these blogs.

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend! xx

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An English Garden Party

Today I'm linking up for 'An English Garden Party' with Sarah at Modern Country Style and I've put together my list of the must have ingredients for the perfect garden party.

The perfect garden party requires vintage style floral dresses...

These latest Spring fashion trends are perfect for making a floral fashion statement...

Floral Fashion Trends_Dolce Gabanna SS11Dolce & Gabbana

Fashion Trends_Noa Noa SS11Noa Noa

You need a lovely place to sit and enjoy the tea with all your delightful friends...

This country style home decor is perfect for sunny afternoons - and also ideal in case of an English rain shower.

The party simply wouldn't be complete without lovely cakes and nibblies (all presented beautifully of course!)

And finally, in true English fashion, you must have tea!

These beautiful home decor ideas are from The Afternoon Tea Table

I hope you're having a lovely time at the garden party - don't forget to visit Sarah and join in the party over there! xx

PS ~ If you'd like to you can see my garden here.

Monday, February 7, 2011

It's a Blogover!

I can't believe that I haven't posted in so long - because it feels like I have been working on my blog in every spare second I've had this week - and doesn't it look fresh after it's Blogover!

Home decoration_paint tins

I have to give a big thankyou to the good people who let me use their photos for my new header (L-R), Pilar Castro, Mabley Handler Interiors and Yozo Crafts.

I love the term Blogover - because it feels like I really have given my blog a complete makeover. I did all the work on this myself, preparing the new background, designing the new header, creating new pages and setting the blog up on it's very own domain. (Oh, and there's a button on the side if you want to grab one!) So now I simply must tell you what it is all about!

At the beginning of January I mentioned that I had some new projects coming up and most of them centre around why I've given the blog a facelift. If you've already had a nosy around you've probably picked up on the fact that I'm opening an online store.

However, that's not all that I'm doing. I'm very shortly going to be doing something I've wanted to do for ages - and that's sell clothes that I will be designing - in that store.

I know I've set myself a mammoth task doing this - so I'm also going to include accessories, handmade items and homewares from other people to complement what I'm going to do. I'm looking for things that are unique, vintage inspired and have a bit of modern country style - all the things that I love and a style that I know many of my bloggy friends share my enthusiasm for.

I'm really excited about this and I will be uploading things to the online store over the coming days and weeks - and of course I will let you know what's happening as things evolve and progress!

I hope you're having a great start to the week! xx