Sunday, October 24, 2010

Autumn Decorating

I've finally arrived home and it is nice to be back! I did hope to blog while I was away, but no such luck. However, a few weeks away gave me some much needed rest and I've come back itching to get started on some new projects (watch this space!)

I love being back in England for autumn. While there are always hints of autumn colours in Australia, it takes on a different meaning when you are surrounded by the vibrant and rich colours here in England and Europe. I love the changing seaons and I am fickle, because I always feel like whatever is new is my favourite in that moment.

I particularly love Autumn, because the colours are among my favourites - and I love the idea of bringing a bit of the outdoors into the home - whether it is a freshly picked bowl of apples, a branch laden with berries, chestnuts, pumpkins or any of the other beautiful autumn 'riches' that are 'ripe for the picking'.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend xx

Pumpkin image - Good Housekeeping, Chestnuts -, other images click photo for sources


Laura said...

Welcome back Melissa. Lovely Autumnal shots... how could you not love this season? Lx

heather yalin said...

Those roasted chestnuts just look divine! :)

Signe said...

Welcome back! And some lovely autumn inspiration you gathered here :)

Have a great Sunday!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

You're back! Hooray!!

Did you have a good time away? Did you get to travel in style a la Ms Cruz?

I've missed you! Your loveliness brightens up my day.


Life in the Country Lane said...

Some gorgeous images Melissa. Good to hear you enjoyed your trip, but its great to have you back. Have missed you! Have a great week.
Rebecca x

Daydream Living said...

Hi Melissa,
Welcome back! Look forward to read more posts, have a good week, Maureen

laura said...

Melissa, so lovely that you are back, and that you had a great time! thats wonderful.. I love your autumn ideas! but at the same time, so glad we are not going into autumn here!
hugs to you, Laura xxx

Jill said...

Hi Melissa
What lovely photos! Welcome back to our beautiful crisp sunny Autumn - not at the moment no - dull, wet and cold!! Oh well we can always cheer ourselves up by looking at your blog!

Biljana said...

Welcome back Melissa!!
I love Autumn too, so beautiful pictures:))
Hugs, Biljana

Gillian said...

Beautiful Autumn photography :)
particularly love the pears under glass photo!