Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pink posies and some thank yous!

I've managed to crawl out from under a mountain of sewing and uni work to do a quick post today. I've promised myself that I'm going to take a break from uni during the next study period, because it all seems to be getting a bit too much just at the moment. I'm being a bad blogger of late, but I will get back into the swing of it once this crazy rush is over!

I want to say a big thank you to Laura at My Summerhouse for her lovely blog post this week about my cushions - you can view it here - and don't forget to check out the beautiful things that she makes in her Etsy shop here.

Thanks also to Rebecca at Life in the Country Lane for sending some folks over to check out my competition on Facebook (if you haven't joined there, is not too late - still one more prize to be drawn!)

I've been wanting to do a flower post for ages - so here are some of my favourites.

Hope you're having a lovley week xx


Life in the Country Lane said...

Hi Melissa, thank you for the mention. It was easy to do and always helps direct others to take a look at your blog, and the great giveaway. Loving the flowers, especially the second image. Nice to see - with the weather so cold and wintry here on YP at the moment.
Have a lovely weekend.
Rebecca x

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Beautiful flowers!! That second one is my favorite. So gorgeous. Thank you for your nice comment!