Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Little Christmas Cheer

Christmas is fast approaching and I tend to fall on the 'running around like I'm on a sugar high' end of the scale when it comes to the festive season. I love lots of sparkly, shiny things around the place. When my sister Letitia (from The White Shed) and I were growing up, we used to drive my mum nuts with the fake snow - but we did also make a lot of decorations that my mum still displays with pride. Go to our folks house and the wreaths on the door are ones that my sister and I made.

Christmas home decoration

This week, I've started making some Christmas decorations for my house here in England, because unfortunately I'm not going to be heading home as I hoped. I'm a huge Kirstie Alsop fan and as such, I'm determined to do a 'Homemade Christmas'. For any Aussie readers who don't know who she is, one of Kirstie's TV shows is about home decorating, restoring furniture and lots of lovley handmade goodness. As you can imagine, I just adore this show. This week the Christmas specials of her show have been on so I'm trying to find time to make as many of my own things as possible. It's still a work in progress and my decorations aren't quite ready to be revealed to the world yet (read - I haven't got around to taking photos of them) but I thought I'd share some of the photos that have inspired me along the way.

Christmas home decoration

Chirstmas_home decor ideas

Modern country style_christmas decorating

country home accessories_christmas

Country style home decor_christmas table decorations

Christmas decorations

Seasonal decorations_home decor

Fireplace_christmas decorations

Home decorations

Are you are ready weeks in advance or do you tend to throw a few decorations up at the last moment?

Hope you're having a wonderful week xx


Life in the Country Lane said...

Oh I wish you were coming home for Christmas Melissa - would have loved to have met you. I know I will sometime soon. I love Kirstie Allsop and watched her homemade show on Sunday. My favorite channel is Lifestyle and the UK shows. Anything UK - I think I was supposed to be English!!! Love these festive images and all the red and fresh white and crystal. My look is a little different this year. Posting soon - the big tree day is tomorrow - a gum tree branch!
Rebecca x

violet said...

i adore the second image with the white and red handbags, what a great way to decorate for the festive season....And a great excuse to buy new handbags!

I have just started with the chrissy decorations, we bought a small potted pine and did a little decorating with the boys this afternoon, however they are so young they lost interest after about 10 mins!

Gill xo

Our Park Life said...

oops that last comment was me....Not sure why it came up with Violet....logged in on my personal email account by accident!

Gill xo

Pink Satin Sashes said...

Loving it all and glad to find your blog!

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

I love them all. I am always so torn over decorating with red or going kind of neutral. Best wishes :)

Letitia Linke said...

Gorgeous Mel! Doing a little Christmas decorating here today, just cut a heap of rosemary and about to tie big bows along the verandah! Teesh xx

Biljana said...

The Wreath is absolutely beautiful:)
Christmas decorating pictures are so lovely, thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Biljana